We’re happy you’re here.

In the Torah (Genesis 18) God once appeared to Abraham, the forefather of the Jewish people. But Abraham interrupted the visit in order to greet three strangers who were wandering the desert and welcome them to his tent. This test serves as the basis for the Jewish tradition (mitzvah) of welcoming guests. As the area resource center for interfaith couples and others interested in learning about Conservative Judaism, JDI is here to welcome you to our tent.

We offer a variety of programs to help people explore the intricacies of interfaith relationships including, for those interested, a meaningful conversion program. Additionally, we provide training and support to Rabbis, educators, and lay leaders to make local Conservative and independent synagogues more sensitive to the needs of interfaith couples.

At the Jewish Discovery Institute, you’ll find the warmth, support, and information you need to meaningfully explore your questions about Judaism. We are here to help you discover the role Judaism can play in your life, as well as your family’s life. Our programs cover many themes, including rituals for children, questions about religious celebrations and community awareness. We also offer an exceptional, professionally led Pathways Program for those considering conversion. JDI is strongly connected to the Conservative movement and Congregations, and our Pathways to Judaism Course follows Conservative standards accepted by Rabbinical Assembly. Following Abraham’s example, our goal is make sure our tent is always open, and welcoming to all who seek a place in it.